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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Soft Summer Color Profiles Palette

"Forest at Dawn" is a Soft Summer that is both a little brighter and deeper

 Color Profiles Testimonial

 "Forest at Dawn"

Wear your hair colors to create your neutrals, which are grounding.

Wear your eye colors, esp. the lights in them, to create balance.

Wear your skintone or essence color to create affinity and relatedness.

Wear your romantic blush color when you want to be persuasive.

Wear your dramatic color when you want to be center stage and command attention.

Wear your support colors when someone else is center stage and you are supporting them.

Lighter values of colors on your palette are supplementals.
Forest at Dawn body colors

Forest at Dawn

Forest at Dawn blending with scarves

Forest at Dawn blending with scarves by expressingyourtruth featuring a green blazer

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