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Friday, January 2, 2015

Soft Autumn Light

Another woman who is determined to be very close between Light Spring and Soft Autumn, but ultimately leaning towards the Soft Autumn, through virtual CMAS analysis.
 She can wear Gamine, Romantic and Natural.

The PASTEL SPRING (Spring-Summer) looks somewhat like a Summer and compares a little to a Golden Autumn.  They may be Classic, Natural or Romantic.  Because they are not the life of the party, they may not identify as much with the Spring characteristics.  They may identify as a Summer because they have shut some of their energy down. [spring-summer personality description]

Light Spring

The GENTLE AUTUMN (Autumn-Summer) looks somewhat like an Indian Summer or a Pastel Spring.  Their style may be Natural, Classic or Romantic (soft, not lacy).  Some Autumn women will misidentify themselves as a Summer, because they have been socialized to be less brusque.  [autumn-summer personality description]

Soft Autumn

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