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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Virtual Draping Consult

Sarah asked for a mini consult.  She had done a great job of draping many colors and shared them with me.  I decided she is probably a Jeweltone Summer, though she could be a Cool Winter, but she related to the summer-winter personality more than the winter-summer personality.

Jeweltone Summer is a Caygill Summer subtype, also used by Zyla.  It's a category that often contains brown eyed summers as well.  But I think of it as a Summer with extremely high secondary Winter.  A blue eyed possible celeb is Marion Cotillard.

There are also the names Contrasting Summer and High Contrast Summer:

The biggest difference between Summers and Winters are their neutrals of course.  But I've read several places that Jeweltone Summer can wear black (though not white).

So the colors are similiar but worn with different neutrals.  Also Summers will tend to wear more monochromatic outfits, while Winters wear a light and a dark with a bright color.  I've posted pics of her in black and white stripes with bold colors, which she does seem to be able to do.

Sarah's very cool eye

Marion Cotillard                           Light Cool Toned Makeup

summer/winter or winter/summer
definitely silver

cool blue eyes with wide band
and some geometry
icy, may be clear or winter

S curve lips
blended cheeks
eyes go down a little on side
tear drop nose?
generally oval face, perhaps oblong
cool skin
Jeweltone Summer
purple 1 good
purple 2 good
navy is ok
navy 2 is nice with eyes
dusty teal ok
black is also possible
cool green is ok
hot icy pink is ok
cool kelly green is good
summer brown is ok
fuschia is good
charcoal is ok
Not any other lighter summer
lilac is ok?
lilac 2 is eh
light blue is ok?
aqua is ok?
pale pink is ok
ligher gray is ok

black is good
white is ok/good
purple2 is good
kelly green is good
winter brown is ok
winter brown2 is good
royal blue is good
lighter royal is ok
Not warm
rust not good
rust 2 is not good
tint red is not great
olive not great
olive 2 is not good
mustard is not great
cream is not great
tan is not good
warm orange is eh

silver jewelry vs. gold jewelry

no makeup natural light



white                 vs.               cream
black and white stripes with a bold color


cool green

cool green




lighter grey

hot icy pink

lighter royal

pale pink

cool kelly green

kelly green

light blue




summer brown?

winter brown

winter brown






red (seems yellowed, tint)



dusty teal

warm orange

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