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Thursday, September 11, 2014


"I really appreciate the work with Jane.

Initially when we did the color drapes, I saw my face in a new light, because of the colors that are my Spring colors, made me look good! And it kind of helped me accept that, Ok!, I can look like that.

Then we went through my wardrobe and found there were things already in my wardrobe that were good for me. So I felt going out in those clothes was greater confidence.

Then we went shopping and having Jane, there helping me pick out things to try on, took my attention away from judging myself and my body.  Or even, I wasn't even tended to look at my body to judge it.  I just tried the clothes on to see did they fit, did they feel comfortable, did I like them and were they the right colors.

And all the while, we were visiting back and forth and having a lot of social time. And we were focusing on this project, so it took away from me making any social mistakes I may have made.

It was a good chance to visit with a focus on something.  And for me particularly, learning situations are always interesting, so I was learning about tints need to reflect light.

So this has really been a boost to my self-confidence in going out in the world, it has been a boost to my self-confidence as far as talking with other people, and being able to now see some of these details I learn about fabric and details and color.  And I can use those when I see them on people to give them compliments, so it helps my social interaction with people.  It's something I can say to people I don't know very well, because I'm simply saying I like your detail, as well as people I know better.

I came out in a pair [of shiny teal capris], I loved the fabric, I loved the color, and then I looked in the mirror and I thought I was misshapen.  And Jane said "could that possibly be an old story you're living?"  And that just kind of rippled through my psyche and helped me let go of that old story and I ended up buying those.

Because of Jane's expertise in seeing what's there on the racks and what colors were right for me and what styles were right for me (and we'd already determined the sizes), so she helped me pick out all these clothes and it turned out that I was able to try on a lot of clothes that fit,, which make me feel really good, and that I liked.  It wasn't until near the end that I tried on something that didn't fit and by then I was feeling strong and good about doing this activity, and about wearing some clothes that were different than ones I'd worn, so I was not phased by one that didn't fit."


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Jane Rekas is a licensed clinical social worker and CMAS certified analyst.

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