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Friday, January 17, 2014

Photoshop Palette Play: Clear Spring!

Color Me A Season Testimonial

Color Me A Season Testimonial by expressingyourtruth featuring black and white shoes

"I was very impressed with the whole experience, the report shows how you arrived at your conclusion and gives clear visual examples that helped me to relate to what you were saying, you seem to have an intuitive knack for this, which I am sure stems from your previous experience of helping others. overall it was a very enjoyable and easy to follow experience and I wish you tons of luck with this."

In the EYT Facebook Support Group, we've been playing with paperdolls for sometime now, and one of my friends there has been my guinea pig a few times, but here's how she finally figured it out!

Though we've never met, as we are separated by ocean, my friend has been in the group for sometime.

Together we looked at many, many factors that might determine her type.  She has considered several types, though often trying to decide between many, with the exception of probably autumn T3.

We've wrestled around trying to get a good look at her peepers! friends confirm they are likely to be Spring pattern.

This was a polyvore I did for her with her Zyla colors that looked like Playful Princess, which is an unusually soft and light wtiner.

light summer
light spring

Here's a light summer collage I did for her.

Here's a clear spring collage.

Here's another clear spring.

This warm red started tipping the scales, but it was the collage below that started to inspire her to consider 1/4.

Celebrity inspiration is Audrey Tautou, also a 1/4!

She looks so great in the dress she found with the animation in the stripes.

"After Jane did this collage (which I loved!) I found this dress in a charity shop (thrift store?) and was thrilled to see it as my size so I just had to buy it, I also have the Breton top and it was my love of stripes, the only pattern I really like, that helped point me towards my type." :)

I love 1/4 because it's almost T4, just a bit warmer

"So just had my colours done and got told "I did seriously consider the Deep Winter color palette ...but I didn't feel like it took into account the red tones in your hair. And while your skin overtones are definitely of the pink/blue variety... Taking all this into account, I felt like the Clear Spring complexion was a better match. This category borders into the fully cool winter but identifies with touches of warmth. " soooo clear spring colouring just as Jane Leu Rekas thought! it's all coming together *steeples hands like a Bond villain* mwaa hahaha"

"I was previously told a long time ago I was either a clear spring or winter...but I had this reconfirmed by the lovely Reachel Bagley over the weekend I am super excited too  as the colours I loved and lit my spirits I can wear with (I hope) a bit more confidence..Jane Leu Rekas is a genius as she said it right at the start but I think I needed the process, its fits SO WELL with everything else I feel almost I need to find clothes *scared and excited*"

Reachel Bagley has the wonderful blog, Cardigan Empire.

 "I tried different sytems with no luck, nothing seemed to fit and the more I looked the more depressed i became. When I found Jane's site, pulling everything together things started to make sense. Its not been easy I just didn't think I was pretty and had tried so hard to be someone I was not to make up for it, but as I tried wearing some of the styles Jane showed me I started getting compliments REAL ones an about me not my top. Again there is not thanks enough for this." xx Samantha

and what about a pixie?

similar to that special dress

or styled like Rachel Bilson (in a bob)

another Rachel

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  1. This is so cool. I like the pixie cut..... I am also finding out paper dolls can be fun at any age.


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