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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Burnished Summer

This client's hair led others to analyze her as a warm season.  Her skin led me to determine she is a neutral Summer.

medium value, high color contrast

Burnished Summer Classic Ingenue

Classic Ingenue

Indian Summer Natural-Classic-Romantic

"Hi Jane. I'm very happy with your conclusion.  You did a wonderful job of figuring this out for me. Ive been telling everyone I know to come to you. There are several of my friends who are just as confused as I was.  I'm excited to begin shopping with the full confidence that this time the colors are correct."Indian Summer

Soft Summer

Low Value Contrast and Color Contrast

Low Value Contrast and Color Contrast by expressingyourtruth featuring leather man bags

This client's eyes led others to interpret her as an Autumn.  Her skin and contrast levels led me to analyze her as a neutral Summer.
Eye colors and Eye Complementary colors

Analogous to Eyes

Main metal is brushed silver, but second silver is bronze to coordinate with eyes

Dramatic colors from veins

Soft Summer Romantic Blush colors

makeover assists

makeover assists

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